Ngurrara – We were always here

Posted by: Sutu on June 23. 2013 at 3:28 am

Ngurrara is now available on iTunes here

Although Ngurrara is an original ‘fictionalised history’, it is based on real stories from a very real place. Ngurrara means ‘belonging to country/home’ in the Ngarluma language. The Ngarluma people are the traditional owners of Murujuga, also known as the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia  where the story is set.  Murujuga is home to approximately one million petroglyphs (rock carvings), some of which are more than 30,000 years old.  This story is about the Ngarluma people and their continued connection to their country over thousands of years.

Ngurrara begins 15,000 years ago when a young boy hunts and kills a kangaroo. It’s his first kill and in his people’s tradition he goes and carves a kangaroo on the Murujuga rocks. A lot of people helped create this story. The author Tyson Mowarin took myself and two of his brothers EJ and James to Murujuga to walk through the story. Historically in aboriginal culture, walking the line of a story was how they would remember it. For all of us this experience was very helpful, while EJ and James acted out their roles I took reference photos. Tyson also explained important details like the best time to hunt roos is when the sun is going down (it’s not so hot). This detail defined the colour of the story.

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Ngurrara is now available on iTunes here

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